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8th - 11th December 2021
Sheffield University Drama Studio

Production Team
Director - CJ Simon
Musical Director - Finlay Stafford
Choreographer - Jess Dovey
Production Manager - Sam Bromley

Mark - Millie Hanks

Roger - George Bowley

Mimi - Jess Brandao

Collins - Isaiah James-Mitchell

Angel - Maple Baker

Maureen - Lisa England

Joanne - Alice Wilkinson

Benjamin Coffin III - Isabel Butterworth


Charlotte Beeden

Tanvi Dabke

Lewis Hammerton

Kevin Palmer

Lucy Palmer

Melany Rice

Niah Rooke

Francesca Vercoe

Rent reviews...

Technical Team
Stage Manager - Fred Baker
Stage Manager -Sian Beddows

Deputy Stage Manager - Maddy Whitby
Assistant Stage Manager - Emily Evans
Assistant Stage Manager - Charlie Harmer
Assistant Stage Manager - Ruby Kilner
Sound Engineer - Sebastian Ellis
Sound Assistant - Oliver Rhodes
Lighting Designer - Dylan Phelps
Lighting Operator - Harry Reeves
Set Designer - Will Leggetter
Set Constructor - Nathan Sloane
Costume Designer - Yagmur Adalier
Costume Assistant - Kimberley Benyure


Keys 1 - Finlay Stafford

Keys 2 - Filip Badiar

Guitar 1 - Tommy Roberts

Guitar 2 - Michael Brown

Bass Guitar - Zak Michaud

Drums - Luke Brookman

Photography by Melissa Dobson
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