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26TH - 29TH April 2017
Sheffield University Drama Studio
Production Team
Director - David Snelling
Assistant Director - Hollie Eustace
Musical Director - Chris Bell
Assistant Musical Director - Matt Jacobson
Choreographers - Emma Lord & Hollie Eustace
Production Manager - Tom Robbins
Assistant Production Manager - Mary Woolley

Max Bialystock - Calum Black
Leo Bloom - Will Prosser
Roger De Bris - Chris Ventom
Ulla - Bea Derrick
Franz Liebkind - Kirsty Hobbs
Carmen Ghia - Jonathan Cooke
Hold Me Touch Me - Lucy Grant
Stormtrooper/Dancer - Lily Backler
Scott - Harry Carling
Brian - Sebastian Belli
Shirley - Jess Brown
Kevin - Dan Lewington
Accountant - Zac Lewis
Judge/Dancer - Phoebe Phillips
Kiss Me Feel Me - Shaney Stevens-Neale
Lick Me Bite Me - Niamh Finan
Silly Showgirl - Martha Evans
Singing Accountant - Francesca S-Cornell

Sorcha Rose
Lana Pitcher
Katie McClung

Megan Armson
Joanna Kearney
Hannah Ellis
Harriet Maxwell
Kendall Knight

Technical Team

Stage Manager - Carys Williams

Deputy Stage Manager - Edward Daniels

Assistant Stage Manager - Jamie Hakham

Assistant Stage Manager - Luutsche Ozinga

Set Designer - Samuel McDermott

Set Designer - Beth Shaw

Lighting Designer - Sam Costelloe

Lighting Operator - Richard Almond

Followspot Operator - Conor Smith

Followspot Operator - Navya Hebbar

Sound Designer - Ali Stringer

Sound Operator - Nick Young 

Sound Assistant - Lewis Brand

Costume Designer - Viktor Heegaard

Costume Assistant - Talia Riche


Reed 1 - Alexandra Walton 

Reed 2 - Benjamin Hastings 

Horn - Stephen Bradley

Trumpet - Alex Burns 

Trombone - Freya Riding 

Drum Kit - Will Moran 

Percussion - Andrew Thompson

Keyboard - Matt Jacobson

Violin - Katie Williamson

Cello - Elizabeth O’Leary

Bass - Ben Evans

Photography by Dan West.
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